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    Certified Estate Solutions

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    Certified Estate Solutions

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    call: 858-384-3580

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About Us

CES is proud and enthusiastic with 25 yrs. servicing conversion needs for personal and real property. CES is part of the Abamex and Latin Services Inc. group of companies, providing liquidation, sales and auctions for Trustees, Banks, Financial Institutions and Private Parties at large.


About - Who We Are

CES (Certified Estate Solutions) is a Company exclusively dedicated to provide services of Estate conversions through conventional sales or Auction Methods. CES is part of the Abamex Auction Co. In business for over 25yrs performing services of auction liquidation in the realm of Real Estate and Personal Property for Trustees, Receivers, Banks, Fiduciaries, Financial Institutions and the DOJ. Additionally, we have performed abandonments, lien and estate sales and auctions, not only in the state of California but in other states as well as in Oregon, Washington, North Carolina, Texas, Puerto Rico, Colombia and Mexico and if you have not yet noticed it we are Spanish English bilingual.

Likewise, some of our team members are USPAP complaint able to perform opinion of values depending the need of the appraisal. During all this time our licenses, insurance and bonds have ever been compromised.


Sale Types

Depending on the assessment of the case, there are several options that can be implemented starting from a conventional liquidation sale, to several types of auction that can be visited for an orderly sale through an accelerated marketing method; an auction event has a preset selling date, usually accomplished in one day, (versus other methods that take more time). The auction can be held on line or a live auction or a combination of both.

Regardless of auction type, the estate inventory is going to be staged in the most appealable fashion to the prospective buyer. Goods will be cleaned and arranged to bring the highest possible value to the estate. Likewise, once the goods have been arranged individually or by group, a lot number will be assigned for inventory and selling reference purposes. Following the assignments of lots photographs will be taken to enable the prospective buyer to identify the goods in a depictable medium, size, color and purpose. Likewise, a proper description will be sought for easy identification of the item.

Once the photographs and the description have been identified; said information will be uploaded onto the CES web page and other auctioneer directories where sprospective buyer will be able to review all of the items available for sale with an ample description and plenty photographs to ascertain the degree of interest on the item.

  1. Live Auction
    Auction preparation term and conditions will be the same for all auctions; marketing and advertising will be commensurate with the type and value of the task on hand. Auction sale will be advertised in the CES web page as well as the Web Site for Estate Sales.Net. Auctioneering web sites, marketing and advertising media will be use depending on the case. On a live auction each one of the lots is cried out (sold) one by one or as choice when there are more than one like kind items. The difference on this type of auction is that prospective buyers that are and need to be physically present at the auction site in order to bid.
  2. On Line Auction
    This type of auction is held on line through the web page platform and the goods for sale are depicted as well by lot numbers with plenty photographs and description. The auction will open up at certain date and time giving ample time for buyer’s inspection and inquiries to the seller. Closing time is advertised well in advance and all of the lots won’t close simultaneously; actually lots close scattered in numerical ascending order within a minute or other assigned time giving ample time to place your bid. Each auction although similar may have variations on the terms and conditions; therefore, strongly recommend to read the terms and conditions before registration and ask questions if not properly understood.
  3. Hybrid Live and Online Auction
    A combination of a Live and On Line auctions, with the advantage that this type of auction will allow to bid live at the premises of the auction as well as to through the internet in any part of the world that has a computer and auction information streaming. Selling lots are cried out by the auctioneer and simultaneously streamed through the internet into the registered bidder computer screen allowing him to see and hear as to what is being sold, regardless of location.
  4. Turn-Key (use in business estates)
    After a careful analysis and should the time allows it, Turn Key will be the chosen method of sell. CES strives to give a maximum of utility to the estate and cognizant of the elements that need to be taken care into consideration in order to accomplish the estate sale either through a private treaty or the auction method. There are several elements that need to be taken into consideration in order to accomplish a turn-key method of sell that could be the highest value for the estate. Every case will have its own intricacies and will have to be developed and treated accordingly. Nevertheless, in order to accomplish a turn- key business project there need to be a location readily available for purchase or lease as well as having the inventory or portfolio for business continuance.

Our Success

Has been a very simple process where hard work, honesty and enthusiasm have taken place, coupled to experience, with happy and pleased customers for over twenty-five years.



Dealing with small and large cases. USPAP complaint Appraisers

Availability of material handling equipment in the form of: hand carts, piano dollies, machine carts, racks, shipping blankets and sking and forklift available if need be, for asset protection and ease of handling.

Pride in staging and photographing of assets for sale and or online auctions at your service.


Real & Personal Property Solutions at your service

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